Ayahuasca dieting while traveling

Ayahuasca dieting while traveling

When I prepared for my trip to Peru, it was hard enough to stick to the Ayahuasca diet at home and I was wondering how I could ever follow the dietary restrictions when being on planes, airports and hotels. Although my retreat center provided a lot of valuable information for preparation and travel, this topic wasn’t covered and even a Google search didn’t bring up any helpful information. This really surprised me as everyone who goes to the amazon for doing Ayahuasca has to deal with this. For anyone flying in from Europe, North America, Asia or Canada, it’s at least a 24 hour trip until you get to the retreat center. And even without the Aya diet, taking care of a healthy nutrition is difficult during a long trip. Here is what I figured out to work for me:

Pre-order airplane food
Many airlines allow you to book special meals for your flight. Me flying with KLM, I had the option to book a vegan dish or one without salt – combining them was impossible, unfortunately. My friends reminded me that food on airplanes isn’t very well seasoned after all, I went for the vegan option, which turned out to be a good choice. While people with the standard dish got sweetened deserts, the vegan option included fruits as deserts and no crap food at all. So if you can, try to book a special meal upfront when you book your flight. Depending on the length of your flight, this might get you covered a major part of your trip.

Pack a lunch box
Before you actually get some food on the plane after leaving home, well a half day can pass spending time on airports and domestic flights whithout any food at all, so it’s always good to have a lunch box with you. Sandwitches with tomatoes and avocados work well, just as boiled eggs and some apples. Stuff as much of that into your hand lugage – you will be glad to have it!

Oatmeal to go
A friend of mine recommended me a very efficient way to stay well fed on the way: Take some oatmeal and rice or almond milk with you. It can be prepared pretty much everywhere (if you don’t insist on cooking it) and contains a lot of good nutrients to keep you well fed for quite some time. It’s not tasty, but serves the job.

Hotel breakfast
When you’re in hotels or hostels, try to get some unseasoned eggs (either boiled or scrambled), bread (maybe with margarine) and fresh fruits. And watch out for the juices they serve: My hostel in Lima served juice that consisted of orange concentrate with lots of sugar added. It looked like orange juice, but in fact it was orange liquid flavored with sugar. If you’re not sure that the juice was freshly sqeesed or contains a 100% fruit, miss out on it.

Eating in restaurants
If you need to eat in a restaurant, pick something from the menu that comes closest to the Aya diet and ask the waiter to prepare the dish without salt and sugar. I tried this in Iquitos and it worked quite well.

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