The Post-Ayahuasca Diet

The Post-Ayahuasca Diet

One thing I haven’t read much about (though I found it very impactful myself), is the diet after the Ayahuasca retreat. While much is said about the pre-Aya diet, hardly anyone talks about what happens afterwards. At the retreat center, I was told to keep up the diet for at least 8 days after the last ceremony, if possible longer. The curanderos say that as long as you keep up the diet, Mother Ayahuasca keeps doing her work.

I didn’t pay much attention to this requirement during my preparation and got even a little grumpy when I was told to keep dieting even after I returned. When I flew home, I had already six weeks of super-strict dieting behind me. Being in Peru for two weeks, I had to pass on things like Pisco Sour and Cevice – all the good stuff the Peruvians are so famous for. Moreover, I was so done with self-discipline and sarcrifice that nothing seemed more enticing than pizza and beer with my friends! However, I trusted the advice I got and keept up the diet for another 8 days.

When I came home, I was full of good energy. Pure love was pooring out of my heart, I had so many plans and ideas, I felt so alive! In the first three days after my return, the positive energy even increased and I had never felt better in my entire life.

To celebrate my return, my friends had invited me to a dinner party and I asked them to shift it to day 9, the day I was allowed to go back to normal. We had a wonderful night and I told them all the stories of the jungle over pizza and red wine. Right after day 8 I switched back to my old life, eating anything I liked, drinking alkohol… and I realised that the good energy disappeared. Within a couple of days my whole body felt differently again (in a negative way), I was tired, got lazy and also the love that I had felt was nothing but a memory.

I don’t know if it holds true that the medicine keeps working after the ceremony, but it is certainly true that good nutrition brings good energy, bad nutrition brings bad energy. While we tend to forget this in our daily routines, you can feel the difference significantly after a couple of weeks of healthy living in an Ayahuasca process. This energy drop really bugged me and I started to pay more attention again to what I take in – although it turned out to be much more difficult when there is no Ayahuasca retreat coming up.

Looking back, I don’t understand why the post-Aya diet is such an overlooked topic. I consider it at least as important as pre-Aya dieting. I would even say that the Ayahuasca diet (in its lighter form) provides a very good framework for nutrition in general. Though I do have my troubles sticking with it, it is definitely a lifestyle I consider worth pursuing. Even if you take out all the Ayahuasca, just the healthy living during the process was an improvement in the quality of my life and it is a good reference point for the future.

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